Mental health simulation offers real-world examples

Lafayette, Indiana – A unique event, recently held by the North Central Legislative Forum Committee (NCLFC), invited elected officials to participate in a mental health simulation.

Event creator and participants

The NCLFC is a group made up of several local mental health organizations and advocates, such as Willowstone Family Services; Valley Oaks Health; Bauer Family Resources and many more.

The event, which took place last week, consisted of elected officials, such as Indiana State Representative Sheila Klinker and Mayor Bob Goldsmith, participating in a simulation where each participant is given a profile based on real, local mental health patients, followed by a search for the right person. Health providers for their own condition.

How did the mental health simulation work?

Added factors such as ‘life events’, waiting times and simulating mental disorder symptoms are included in the event to make the scenarios more realistic.